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The public mark of the City of Chicago

Welcome to the Chicago Design System

The Chicago Design System is the public identity for the City of Chicago & its people–Chicagoans.

It is an inclusive, cost-effective update of our public identity for the 21st century, built on the history of Chicago and our civic heraldry.

Here you can find basics (colors, type, icons, the star), our new public mark, our updated seal, and high quality versions of our municipal symbols (flag, device, pennant, badge).

Our Symbols

More Stuff

Choosing the CDS Color Set

Author: Abby Lammers

An explanation for the CDS colors. You can view the final color set in [Figma](

Using Google Translate for Internationalization

Author: Abby Lammers

The City of Chicago is exploring different strategies for web translation of City content. This demo was developed to test the viability of computer translation, specifically neural machine translation services (NMTS).