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The Flag of the City of Chicago

Wikipedia's Chicago Flag

By - according to a design specified by Wikipedia user John Reid or T. E. Whalen’s) construction sheet (Municipal Flag of Chicago), which is in the public domain, and thus represented here.

For more details on the history of the flag, see Robert Loerzel’s wonderfully comprehensive The Story of Chicago’s Four-Star City Flag.

Tanner Woodford, Executive Director of the Design Museum of Chicago, had this contribution to share with us, an outline of the dimensions of the Flag:

An outline of the dimensions of the Chicago Flag, its proportions, and placement of its stars and bars.

I don’t mean to disagree or spark debate, but I think Robert & Tanner & T.E. may need to compare notes with us at the City and arrive at a final determination. I volunteer to mediate it in 2020 or beyond, or find someone with appropriate gravitas to do so, certainly.

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