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About the Design Office

At the design office, we work to make city services more accessible and inclusive for Chicago residents. It’s our mission to listen, amplify, and design with the community to build better technology experiences for everyone.

What we do

Digital designers with the City of Chicago:

Who we are

The Department of Innovation & Technology’s Design Office was established in 2018. We stand on the shoulders of giants like USDS, 18F, NYC’s Gov Lab and Service Design Studio, de Waag in Amsterdam, the Lab at OPM, the United Kingdom’s Digital Services team, and more.

As a new design team, we are lucky to have great examples of how design thinking and innovation work within government. It gives us the opportunity to learn from those who came before and partner with them to break new ground in civic tech.

Our team

Well, it’s just me, Jason, for now. You can find my bio on LinkedIn or my site

Past team members and interns

Huge thanks to the original intern, Tait Chamberlain, his trusty second Lukas Hoffman, and third intern Derek Hunter Ramos of 2018 fame.

In 2019, Gregory Kim and Abigail Lammers helped us rock out the rest of v1 of our design system work. Abby should get double credit, since she was part of our partnership with Northwestern EDI Lakeside Design Studio. She then DOUBLED DOWN and came back for an internship, making substantive contributions to our design system and some UX work for a data science project.

Contact us

The Design Office can be reached by email at design.system @

Follow us on Twitter @ChiDesignDir