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Public Mark

Our new public mark is the public voice of the City of Chicago, our residents, and our communities.

Download our logo in Adobe Illustrator, PNG (portable network graphics), and SVG (scalable vector graphics) formats and display your Chicago pride today!

Department marks

CHI311 horizontal mark

CHI311 vertical mark


Community partnership & public expressions

Note: These marks are for example purposes only, there's no partnership or community favoritism implied or intended here.

For You

The logo starters below are available in the download package for you to use and remix with your own symbol or photo.

Also, you can build your own logo from a 4x3 box, and making a star using the CHISTAR discretionary-ligature in Big Shoulders. Color each the appropriate colors from our palette, size them according to the proportions in “Lockups,” below, and you’re in business.

Congratulations, civic typographer!


For ideal spacing in your project, use the follow guidelines for implementation: