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Turn and face the strange

Here’s all the new and wonderful stuff the Design Office has been working on:

David Bowie Changes album cover


2019-11-29 Friday

2019-11-22 Friday

2019-11-15 Friday

2019-11-08 Friday

2019-11-01 Friday


Oh, yeah, GitHub Bootstrap Chicago Design System Theme, baby! Coming to a theater near you!


2019-10-25 Friday

Lots of conversations about accessibility and budgeting, most of them depressing but informative. Given our resource constraints, we will need to really focus and work with our teams, departments, and vendors to ensure digital accessibility consistently.

Also, we’re going to trash the work we’ve done in establishing USWDS 1.0 as our baseline, and move to a Bootstrap 4 theme. More on that once I blog more for realz.

2019-10-18 Friday

Read like 700 pages of RFP responses, nearly died. Made a movie about how much we like Frontify. Used Frontify to distribute a bunch of brand assets. Took a vacation.

2019-10-11 Friday

Production, production, production, production. production. This website is chuggin’ along!

2019-10-04 Friday

Happy Octember, when it still kinda feels like summer, but winter’s sharp teeth catch you at the start of end of the day. Anyway, last week was an “exciting” week of trimming budgets and managing expectations, two keys for government work.

Refinement of color profiles as we begin shipping items from the Chicago Design System, and writing up lots of how to and launch notes. Exciting times. Who knew distributing fonts via remote updates could be so exciting?

Also, lots of planning for rollout. Lots. And lots. Of scribbles on napkins.


2019-09-27 Friday

2019-09-20 Friday

2019-09-13 Friday

2019-09-06 Friday


2019-08-30 Friday

2019-08-23 Friday

2019-08-16 Friday

2019-08-08 Thursday


2019-07-30 Tuesday

Administrivia abounds, as we worked on:

2019-07-17 Wednesday

2019-07-12 Friday