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Thank you (and Goodbye)!

I have been known to make short stories long. I won’t do that here. Posting this message is my last offical act for the City.

It has been a privilege beyond belief to serve Chicagoans, and it saddens me greatly to tell you I am leaving your official service. As a product of the social safety net of our fair town, this work has been a dream come true. But dreamers wake, and owe it to themselves to see reality as it is, not as they wish it were.

Everything I achieved at the City was a result of my team, and their dedication to public service, as well as the work and gifts of so many others. I appreciate you all greatly, and will miss you. I learned a ton about our City and have a greater love for it now having worked where so many feel the same way, but each in their own way. It is what makes Chicago one of the best places on Earth.

The view from my office, April 22, 2021 with a sign saying "Chicago Department of Innovation and Technology"