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Big Shoulders

A Picture of Big Shoulders Typeface set in different faces with Chicago Stars

Big Shoulders is the Municipal Typeface for the City of Chicago. It is for use in headings, titles, banners, and posters. Setting type in all capitals is recommended.

Big Shoulders Display is for large format, environmental prints: signage, billboards, banners, etc. Big Shoulders Text is for all other display purposes.

Download Big Shoulders from Google Fonts

To put a Chicago Star in your typesetting, turn on discretionary ligatures in your app or CSS, and then type CHISTAR (in all caps). It’ll automatically replace with the star, sized correctly to fit the text.

If your app has a glyphs palette showing all the characters in your typeface, you can also choose the star from there.

Now, you can make ASCII art, or get tatooed with exactly the right Chicago Star.




Roboto and Lora are the City’s sans serif and serif body typefaces.