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Design Office Blog

Thank you and Goodbye

Jason Kunesh

Thank you for the unique privilege and opportunity to serve Chicago. read more

2020 Accomplishments

Jason Kunesh

What did we do in 2020 that was so great, anyway? read more

2020 Goals

Jason Kunesh

What we look forward to doing in 2020. read more

2019 Accomplishments

Jason Kunesh

Here we share a short report of our progress in 2019 for your consideration. read more

Announcing v0.9

Jason Kunesh

Announcing a pre-release version of the Chicago Design System for community feedback. read more

Why the Chicago Design System?

Jason Kunesh

The Chicago Design System is our new public identity to make Chicago more inclusive of our communities, make the Mayor's voice more effective, and save over $5 million annually. read more

Choosing the CDS Color Set

Abby Lammers

An explanation of the origin of the Chicago Design System color palette. read more

A Plan for the Current & Desired Future States of Digital Services for Readability, Usability, Language Access, & Accessibility (RULA)

Jason Kunesh

The Mayor’s Office asked DoIT to review the city’s website and digital communications for usability, language, disability access, and other under-utilized opportunities. This work has dovetailed with ongoing work to respond to the findings of the Inspector General’s report “Language Access Ordinance Compliance Audit Follow-up Inquiry.” read more

Using Google Translate for Internationalization

Abby Lammers

The City of Chicago is exploring different strategies for web translation of City content. This demo was developed to test the viability of computer translation, specifically neural machine translation services (NMTS). read more

Introducing Lukas Hoffman

Lukas Hoffman, Jason Kunesh

Lukas Hoffman was a most excellent intern for The City of Chicago's Department of Innovation and Technology during the summer of 2018. Learn a little more about Lukas in his own words. read more